Gardening doesn’t just make your living environment look good. Taking care of plants contributes significantly to your health and wellbeing, as an abundance of research suggests. It’s good for the body and good for the mind. Tending to a garden promotes the habit of eating enough fruits and vegetables. It gives you a healthy workout (without having to go to the gym) and relieves stress. It builds strength, promotes sleep and helps you maintain a healthy weight. When done in company, it nourishes the feeling of community.

The Japanese expression “shinrin-yoku” can be translated as “forest bathing,” which nicely captures the experience of being immersed in green.

The sustainability of gardening cannot be overstated. As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, a balanced use of our eco-system is a valuable skill to develop. When producing our own herbs and vegetables, we reduce needless waste of resources utilized in the transportation of food. We also have control over the methods being used to grow our food, ψψoosing organic solutions that nourish the soil, instead of the soil depleting, chemically hazardous practices of mass agriculture.

Different Plants, Different Waters

The unique composition of elements in different soils, correspond to different levels of soil pH. Some soils are more alkaline or more acidic than others. The Enagic® machines can produce a water with the exact pH level that your plants need to thrive. After you test your soil to see where it falls on the pH scale, you can determine the optimal pH level for each of your plants. Neutral Water, slightly alkaline Kangen Water®, or slightly acidic Kangen Water® offers you the range of pH levels necessary for the variety of your greens.

Nurturing your plants with the appropriate Enagic® water and observe the impressive difference in your garden!