Hair is not just about appearance. Traditionally, in many cultures around the world beautiful hair is considered a sign of good health and strength. Spartan warriors in ancient Greece were combing their hair as part of a ritual before going to battle. The Samurais in Japan and American Indians are known to attribute importance to hair. Probably the most famous story relating hair to strength is that of Samson in the Bible.

The same way we take care of the food we consume in order protect and revitalize the body, we should take care of how we nourish our hair. Hair products, when applied, go to the scalp and most of the time, into the hair shaft. Most of this hair cosmetics contain chemicals that have side effects on our body, in the long run. For example, constant use of some hair product could predispose one’s scalp to some diseases and skin allergies. Some could even make the hairs fall off. All these problems are eliminated should one decide to use shampoos and creams that are made from natural products. However, natural hair productsare not always very effective and can come with a hefty price.

With Enagic® Beauty Water you can grow beautiful, healthy, hydrated hair!

Beauty Water® is healthy for your skin and scalp, and can be used to make a chemical- free, all-natural shampoo out of common ingredients already found in your home. Wash and rinse your hair everyday without worrying about the chemical effects on your skin, hair, and the environment.

You can also make your own natural Beauty Water® Conditioner. Using just three ingredients (Beauty Water, egg yolks, and almond oil), you’ll enjoy clean, moisturized, and beautiful hair after the first conditioning.