Cooking is alchemy. It is the small details that create the difference between a simple meal and an exciting tasteful experience! Here are some of the ways in which the different types of Kangen Water® elevate your cooking to an expert level:

Strong Kangen Water® 11.5 pH

  • Add 1 Tabs to dressings to keep oil emulsified.
  • Soak meats in it. Soak 10-15 min to drain off blood & reduce strong smells
  • Great tenderizer!
  • Soak dried beans, seeds, nuts, grains to speed up germination or cooking
  •  Soak fruit & vegetables in, to remove pesticides & revitalize
  •  Lowers boiling point
  • Cleaning Oil & grime from vents, kitchen floor, Counters, dishes, cutting boards, knives

Strong Acidic Water pH 2.5

  • For cleaning foods (germs, bacteria, pathogens etc.)
  • To disinfect utensils, dish cloths, towels & containers spray on counters / surfaces
  • Washing metal objects
  • Clean skin cuts & scrapes
  • Spray on skin burns

Acidic Water pH 6

  • Washing metal objects
  • Clean skin cuts & scrapes
  • In batter for fried foods so they will remain crispy & less oily.
  • Use to make Poshed eggs to keep them firm in shape
  • Use to cook Pasta and keep them al dente
  • Spray on food when freezing it to maintain flavor.

Kangen Water® pH 9.0 – 9.5

  • In soups and stews. It draws out the flavor from vegetables and meat.
  • Speeds up cooking by lowering boiling point.
  • Rice tastes better than ever!