Take your gardening to a whole new level with Kangen Water®!

Plants need the right sunlight, soil and water in order to thrive. Kangen Water® stimulates germination and improves seedling development, leaving your plants in peak condition without the use of harmful chemicals. Different species of plants need different water pH levels. With Kangen Water® your plants will experience superior hydration, nourishment, revitalization and chemical-free pest control.

Benefits of Gardening

There is increasing evidence that gardening provides substantial benefits for your health, overall wellness, budget and sense of community.

Composting with Kangen Water®

Composting is easy, natural, environmentally responsible, and it actually has a pleasant earth aroma when aerated properly.

Gardening With Kangen Water®

Keep you plants and flowers healthy, vigorous and vibrant with the different pH levels of Enagic® Water.

Natural Pest Control & Crop Disinfection

Natural, highly-effective pest control. Insecticide alternative that most plants actually LOVE.