Find out how Kangen Water has changed the lives of Enagic Water Ionizers users from around the world.

Spyridoula is the happy mom of a 15 month young baby, living on the Greek island of Kos.

“Kangen Water is marvellous! Our clients loved it! It added great value to our services. I’m going to miss it a lot when I go back home to Paris. I am truly convinced that it has helped me keep high levels of beautiful energy while I was working hard during the whole summer.”


“I’ve been using the Enagic water ioniser for a year now it has improved many aspects of my daily life. The most important thing is that I have piece of mind about having the healthiest water possible for my family to drink. Since drinking this water we’ve all experienced higher levels of energy and a boost in our immune system. The different uses of the various water pH the ioniser offers, for the skin care, plants, cooking, cleaning etc. have also been very convenient. The 2,5 pH water is actually Hypochlorus Acid and acts as a strong disinfectant helping me keep my kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean and safe from germs, without using harsh chemicals. This technology is overall great for health and offers many practical solutions for everyday living. “

Clairi Tampaki